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Thursday, June 21, 2012

About me

As the daughter of an academician, and a recovering learner myself, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, here's where mine comes from:

I am a Zoologist by profession
(I hope I can say that after having  a BSc and MSc in Zoology from University of Calcutta and an MPhil (Developmental Biology) from University of Sheffield and presently pursuing my PhD in the same) ,  and being a student for more than half of my lifetime, I like to be associated with teaching and learning. I am an active member of graduate students forums, Science outreach activities and all those free food events associated with them. Those are my credentials. Now who am I as a person? In short:

I like super spicy chinese food, guacamole, granola and yoghurt,  photography, dancing, painting, cocktails, graffiti art, movies, children books, humour, a little bit of rain every week and having at least a cat as a pet in the house.

I dislike grape fruits, wet shoes, untidy rooms, curious people and people who don’t know how to laugh on a daily basis.

After being unsuccessful in some of my previous attempts to continue writing in a blog, I thought of taking a different approach. Instead of finding out time on a daily basis, I would specifically dedicate it to report science outreach activities that I undertake and review some interesting books and movies (can I upload some graffiti arts too at times!).

Hope you enjoy!

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